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The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office is an equal opportunity employer and can fulfill an exciting career in Law Enforcement. Although we only accept applications for Road Deputy as needed, any interest in Jail Deputy positions will be reviewed regularly. Please fill out an application which will be forwarded to our Jail Commander. Visit our webpage regularly for news and updates regarding possible Road Deputy positions, qualifications and deadlines.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office has recently united with EMCPO to assist in the hiring of Jail Deputies. Interested applicants who wish to have a stronger chance of being selected for a position are encouraged to register for an examination that can help ensure your position here. Simply, visit the website, https://www.empco.net/ind and follow the instructions. There is a fee for the examination.

Click here for the Jail Deputy Application

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office has initiated the hiring process for the position of Deputy Sheriff.  Prior to completing the employment application, review the attached information and insure your eligibility. Any application that does not comply with all instructions will be rejected. Every line on the application must be completed, if the line does not apply to you then enter N/A in that line. Incomplete applications will not be considered for employment.
      You are invited to attend the physical and written test, which is the first step in the hiring process. The physical and written test will be held at the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, 600 Memorial Drive, Crawfordsville, IN. You must contact Captain Jeremy Hughes at jeremy.hughes@montgomerycounty.in.gov or call 765-362-3740 extension 204 to schedule your test date. All applicants who pass the physical and written tests will move on to the Oral Interview Panel.

     All hiring process dates will be scheduled by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office. The preliminary dates for each stage of the hiring process are attached to this letter. Each applicant must attend all stages of the process in order to be considered for employment. The Sheriff’s Office will not make special arrangements for any applicant.

Click here for the Deputy Sheriff Application

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